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" Yangli México" has officially launched commercial operations!


        In October, Yangli Group's newly added overseas office, "Yangli México" has officially launched commercial operations. As an important step in the Yangli's strategic layout in the Latin American region, Yangli México located in Querétaro Mexico, will supply metal forming machine tools and spare parts to Mexico and the entire Latin American region. At the same time, we provide professional installation, training, maintenance, and after-sales service to ensure that customers receive more timely and comprehensive support.


For many years, Yangli has established a loyal user base in Mexico through excellent partners, and the establishment of Yangli México has also attracted widespread attention locally. The authoritative Mexican media magazine "Mexican Industry" conducted a full page report on this in November, providing a detailed introduction to the basic situation and product services of Yangli Group and Yangli México.


The 500 square meter physical showroom will also officially open in December 2023. As the champion manufacturer of Chinese mechanical press, Yangli Group will take this opportunity to adhere to customer-centric approach and continue to create long-term value for Mexican customers! Gradually expand the market share and influence in Latin America, assist local industrial enterprises in achieving significant development and progress, and export Chinese intelligent manufacturing to the Latin America!