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Important release: Yangli group launched a full-automatic flat mask machine production line!


 Important release: Yangli group launched a full-automatic flat mask machine production line!

New coronavirus, ravages China! Wuhan is closed, Hubei is in a hurry! The people of the whole country have come together to fight against the epidemic and have won periodic victories. Recently, with the acceleration of the return to work and production, the epidemic prevention and control work is facing great challenges, and the demand for the most basic epidemic prevention and control product - mask is increasing day by day. At the same time, in Europe, America, Asia and other regions, the spread of new coronavirus has brought great impact on the world, and the demand for masks is huge, which presents the phenomenon of "one mask is hard to find" in many regions.

As a famous metal forming equipment manufacturing enterprise in China, Yangli group provides advanced intelligent manufacturing solutions for many industries, has rich experience in mechanical design and intelligent manufacturing, and has great advantages in the development of full-automatic flat mask machine production line. In the face of the shortage of masks all over the country and even the world, we will vigorously respond to the call of the government, meet the mask production needs of some partners, speed up the development of the intelligent production line of masks, and contribute to the victory of the epidemic.

The research and development of the full-automatic flat mask machine production line is undertaken by the intelligent manufacturing center of the Yangli research institute. At present, we are in the process of production and manufacturing. The first batch of products are expected to be put on the market in mid March. Welcome to contact and discuss with enterprises in need.

Product introduction:

The production line of the mask machine is integrated by three manufacturing machines. The first line completes the production of the flat mask. It is suitable for the advanced control platform with full intelligence. It can be operated by one person. It has the advantages of clear and firm embossing and good welding effect.


Product features:

1. Using ultrasonic welding technology, the finished product is beautiful.

2. The whole production line from feeding, nose line insertion, edge sealing, cutting finished products are automatic operations.

3. The frame structure is made of aluminum alloy, and the key parts are made of stainless steel. The whole line is rust free, durable, easy to clean and beautiful.

4. The production efficiency is 6000-7000 PC / hour.